Welcome to the Arkansas State Vehicle Safety Program sponsored by the Department of Finance and Administration and the Arkansas Insurance Department. This program is intended to insure that all state employees who drive on state business, in a state owned vehicle or are reimbursed for driving a private vehicle have valid drivers licenses and good driving records.
About the Program
Once a user name and password has been assigned, the state drivers that you wish to track must be entered into the SVS database.  This may be accomplished in one of two ways:
1. Each driver may be entered manually by selecting the "Create Driver Database" option on the Welcome screen and adding the driver's name, license number, date of birth and any additional information that you would like to include in the "user data" area.
2. Or, you may send your driver information to INA in an electronic format and we will load them into the database for you.  The data must be in a delimited text format with the driver's name, license number, date of birth and any additional information in the "user data" field.  You will be required to provide your user name and password for verification purposes.  Please contact svs@ark.org or call 324-8900 for more information.
After the drivers have been entered, you will have the ability to add new drivers, edit driver information and delete drivers from your database.  The status of the driver record for each driver in the database will be checked every week and made available on Monday.  Any drivers who have a change in status or points above the maximum allowed will then be listed when you click the "View Last Check Results" on the Welcome screen.

An e-mail notification will be sent each week on any driver in the database that has a status change, the driver has excessive points or new drivers have been added.  The e-mail address, as well as any other agency information, may be changed by clicking the "Update Agency Information" link on the Welcome screen.

If you have any questions regarding the program itself or the driving record information, please contact Janet Wimberly with DF&A at 501-683-0984 or via e-mail at Janet.wimberly@dfa.arkansas.gov. If you have questions or problems regarding the interface or SVS system, please contact INA at 324-8900.

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