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ACT 513   

Act 513 of 2013 went into effect on Friday, 8/16/2013. The Act and the procurer registration form are below in Adobe format.

Act 513         


Procurer Registration Form
Form Updated as of 08/20/2015


17-81-107. Use of a procurer.
    (a) As used in this section:
        (1) (A) "Procurer" means a person or entity who for pecuniary benefit procures or attempts to procure a client, patient, or customer by directly contacting the client, patient, or customer in person, by telephone, or by electronic means at the direction of, request of, employment of, or in cooperation with a chiropractic physician.
                (B) "Procurer" does not include a provider or a person that procures or attempts to procure a client, patient, or customer for a provider through public media or a person that refers a client, patient, or customer to a provider as otherwise authorized by law; and
        (2) "Public media" means telephone directories, professional directories, newspapers and other periodicals, radio and television, billboards, and mailed or electronically transmitted written or visual communications that do not involve in-person or direct contact with specific prospective clients, patients, or customers.
    (b) A chiropractic physician who uses a procurer is required to:
        (1) Have a written contract with the procurer or procurement company with whom the chiropractic physician engages; and
        (2) Register the name of any procurer with whom the chiropractic physician contracts with the Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners. [Acts 2013, No. 513, § 3].

17-81-108. Rulemaking and enforcement. -The Arkansas State Board of Chiropractic Examiners shall establish rules to enforce the requirements of this chapter. [Acts 2013, No. 513, § 3].


    9. Telephone communication including advertising/marketing. Any agent communicating with a prospective patient on behalf of a chiropractic physician shall disclose how the agent obtained the prospective patient's information. The agent must communicate his or her legal name and the name of the particular chiropractic physician on whose behalf the communication is being made, that he or she is an agent of the particular chiropractic physician. Unless such communication of the agent is true and evidence of the same is on file with the Board, the agent shall not state that he or she practices or is employed as attorney, insurance adjuster, chiropractor, and is not employed in the fields of law, health care, law enforcement, private investigation, or insurance.
        (a) When direct in-person solicitation is made by an agent or employee of the chiropractor, in addition to the requirements set forth in paragraph 9, the agent or employee shall show the person being solicited a photo ID with their legal name and the name of the chiropractic physician on whose behalf the solicitation is being made, and shall dispense a professional card bearing his or her legal name, and the name, address, and telephone number of the licensed chiropractic physician on whose behalf the solicitation is being made. Such professional card shall be provided to the person being solicited at the beginning of the encounter, and shall be left with the person regardless of whether the person being solicited accepts the solicitation request.
        (b) The licensee employing an agent for purposes of soliciting new patients is responsible to the Board for the content of the contact, including prohibited statements made or required statements not made, as well as for any action that is foreseeable in a telephone or in-person encounter.
                (1) Telephone solicitation/marketing of victims of accidental injury and which are conducted on behalf of chiropractic physicians shall be made in substantial conformance to a written script which is considered by the Board to have been specifically approved by the chiropractic physician. The chiropractic physician shall be required to maintain such scripts for a period of two (2) years following their utilization. Scripts are to be made available for review upon request by this Board or its designee.
                (2) Agents of chiropractic physicians who solicit victims of accidental injury shall keep a log of all solicitation calls made, including at minimum the name and phone number of the person being solicited, the date and time of the phone call.